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Frequently asked questions

What fiat currencies can I trade on OpenPeer?

All fiat currencies are available to trade on OpenPeer. Read our terms here.

What chains is OpenPeer deployed on?

OpenPeer is currently deployed on Polygon Mainnet. We'll soon be deployed on BSC, Arbitrum and Avalanche.

What tokens can I trade on OpenPeer?

You can currently trade between fiat and USDT, USDC and MATIC. As we deploy on other EVM-compatible chains we'll also make ETH, BNB and AVAX available to trade.

Is OpenPeer audited?

Yes. Please see all our audits.

Is KYC required?

We don't enforce KYC on the platform or protocol, however it is strongly recommended to complete KYC with one of our partners as it increases the likelihood that your order will be accepted by another trader. OpenPeer helps you connect to another trader within your country to trade between crypto and fiat. You should always abide by your local regulations when using OpenPeer. Read our terms here.

What fiat payment methods are accepted?

You can trade on any fiat payment method agreed upon by you and another trader. We strongly recommend only using instant payment networks for quick settlement and verification. If you'd like us to add a logo and necessary fields for any payment method in your country reach out to us on our Discord channel.