📥Buy Crypto

How to buy crypto on OpenPeer

1. Choose a Seller

On OpenPeer, input the amount of crypto you want to buy and click the See Buy Options button.

On doing so, you will be taken to a page showing all the open sell orders that match your buy order criteria. Select one of these Ads and proceed.

2. Connect to OpenPeer

After you choose a merchant to buy from, connect your wallet of choice to the OpenPeer platform (in this guide we have used MetaMask) and verify ownership of the account by signing a message.

Note: Signing this message proves valid ownership of the account, and is completely free of cost. It does not grant access to any of your crypto.

3. Confirm Your Buy Order

Add the amount you want to buy then click on the Confirm Order button to notify the seller of your intent to purchase. Signing from your wallet is a gas-free transaction that creates the escrows the sellers funds on-chain.

4. Pay the Seller

Once you press the Sign and Continue button, OpenPeer escrows the seller's pre-deposited funds in an escrow contract to be released once the trade is complete. Note: Instant Ads marked with a ⚡️ will automatically escrow the seller's crypto. For ads without a ⚡️ you will have to wait for the seller to manually escrow their crypto before you can make your fiat transfer You are then prompted to transfer fiat to the Seller using their specified payment method. Once you have made the payment successfully, press the I've made the payment button. Next, the Seller needs to confirm they have received your payment into their bank account. Once confirmed, they will release the escrowed crypto to your wallet. Sometimes sellers respond immediately, whereas others times they may be delayed in their response if the trade is opened during their "offline" hours. If the seller is taking time to release the funds, you may leave the application. You can also message the seller by pressing the Chat with seller button. You will receive an automatic email when the seller releases the funds to your wallet.

5. Buy Order Complete!

Congratulations, you have successfully bought crypto with OpenPeer. 🥳

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