Verified Accounts

A list of verified representative telegram accounts of OpenPeer

It's important to avoid scams and impersonators in crypto. Here's a list of verified representatives of OpenPeer Labs who may contact you for partnerships, promotions or to use the exchange.

jrey - @openeer_jrey

Infi - @InfiniteGwei

Anda - @Anda2012

Ludwing - @ViolentViolet

Citizen Erased - @NeoCitizen1016


Peps - @PepeWhaleGod

TheCryptoGuru - @The_CryptoGuru

Ludwing88 - @Ludwing88

Pep.ETH - @Pep1ETH

Chriss - @Chriss702

KryptoLord - @KryptoLord777

DanB - @DanB78

Brucee - @Brucee55

Gabocrypto - @Gabocrypto

Opencitizen - @Opencitizen

GamerProtrader - @GamerProtrader

BitcoinBossofbosses - @BitcoinBossofbosses

BlockchainBrainBrother - @BlockchainBrainBrother

HypeCoinp2p - @HypeCoinp2p

TradingGoldenNuggets - @TradingGoldenNuggets

TheVaultMaster - @TheVaultMaster

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