Raising a Dispute

How to raise a trade dispute on OpenPeer

When completing a peer-to-peer trade very occasionally a dispute will arise about payment.

Reasons to open a dispute when selling crypto:

  • I received the payment from the buyer, but the amount is not correct

  • The buyer marked as paid but I did not receive the payment to my account

Reasons to open a dispute when buying crypto:

  • I made the payment, but the seller did not release the cryptocurrencies

The first step is to directly contact the person you are trading with. This is the quickest way to resolve a dispute. You can contact them through OpenPeer by clicking Chat With Seller/Buyer to talk to them using WalletChat.

There are legitimate reasons why a payment could be late or crypto not promptly released from escrow. Maybe a payment will arrive late to a bank account due to delays in the banking system. Maybe the trade happened during a trader's "offline hours" and they haven't seen the email notification yet. Always verify a payment has been received before marking a payment as paid in OpenPeer.

How to Open A Dispute

If you and the person you are trading with cannot resolve the dispute through the chat, open a Dispute by clicking the Open a dispute button and following the steps.

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