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Quick Sell

1. Choose a Buyer

Selling crypto on OpenPeer is no different from selling on other platforms.
On the application, input the amount of crypto you are looking to sell and click the See Sell Options button.
On doing so, you will be taken to a page showing all the open buy orders that match your criteria. You may choose from one of these and proceed.
(NOTE: Since we have has just launched, there may be some regions without any active buy orders. In such cases, we urge you to place your sell order and wait for buyers to match with you.)

2. Connect to OpenPeer

After you choose a buyer to sell to, connect your wallet of choice to the OpenPeer platform (in this tutorial we have used MetaMask) and verify ownership of the account by signing a message.
NOTE: Signing the message proves valid ownership of the account and is completely free of cost. It cannot (and will not) spend or transfer any of the crypto in your wallet.

3. Set your Account Info

Add a username and your email address.
A username helps buyers differentiate between multiple sell orders that look the same, and an email address helps us notify you in case of a dispute, or when a buyer marks the payment as completed.

4. Escrow the Funds

After you add your account details and review the details and terms of the buyer, you may put the funds in an escrow contract. To do so, first you need to approve OpenPeer to transfer USDT on your behalf. Click the Approve USDT button to initiate this process, and sign the message in your wallet.
After you have approved OpenPeer to transfer USDT, next you need to click on the Escrow funds button to initiate this transfer. On doing so, only the amount of crypto you are selling will get transferred your unique escrow smart contract.
After you lock funds in the escrow smart contract, you may release it once you receive the fiat money payment from the buyer.
(NOTE: Escrowing funds might take longer if you are selling for the first time. Please do not go back or refresh a page until a minute or two has passed.)

5. Wait for the Buyer to Transfer Fiat Money

After you lock the necessary funds in an escrow, we shall notify the buyer and request them to transfer the fiat money. Once they mark the order as paid, you will get a notification to verify receipt of fiat money and release funds from the escrow.

6. Release Funds

To finish the transaction, click on the Release funds button. Here, you be prompted to verify if you have received the fiat money payment. If you have received the payment, click on the Yes I have received funds button, and release the funds from the escrow.
If you have not received the funds and the buyer has marked the payment as completed, you may open a dispute by clicking on the Open a dispute button.
TODO link to open a dispute page

7. Sell Order Complete!

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a sell order on OpenPeer. 🥳