Openpeer Docs

Posting a Buy Ad

Learn how to post a Buy Ad to sell crypto on OpenPeer. Buy Ads make your crypto available for other traders to buy.
Ads can only be posted by approved Merchants. Apply to become an approved Merchant here:

1. Go to the Post Ad Page

You can post a Buy Ad by pressing the Post Ad button in the navigation menu. Once on the Post Ad page choose the type of ad you want to place. Select Buy Order and the Instant Escrow order type. Click Proceed.
Go to the Post Ad page

2. Connect to OpenPeer

Sign into OpenPeer and connect your wallet.
Connect your wallet to OpenPeer

3. Specify the Trading Pair and Details

Next, enter the token, chain, and the fiat currency you want to trade.
Enter the total amount you are willing to buy along with the minimum and maximum fiat limit per order.
You can set the price by selecting either a Fixed or Floating rate. A Fixed rate is the exact price you want to trade at and will not change. A Floating rate is a percentage limit above/below the spot price at the time of trade which will automatically update as the spot rate changes. Depending on what fiat currency you are trading with the spot price can be set as the Coingecko rate or the minimum or median rate from Binance P2P. Click Proceed.
Specify trading paid for your Buy Ad

4. Select your Payment Method

Select the payment method you will use to transfer fiat money to the seller. Click Proceed.
Set your payment method

5. Set Trade Time Limit To Finalise

Adjust the time limit for the Deposit and Payment to occur within. If a seller doesn't escrow within the time limit the order will be cancelled. If you don't make payment within the payment time limit the order will be cancelled.
Setting time limits ensures trades happen swiftly between active users. At this step you can also choose to only trade with verified buyers who have completed KYC by ticking the Accept only verified sellers checkbox.
Set Trade Time Limit and Finalise

6. Wait for Sellers to Open Orders and Complete the Trade

When a seller wants to buy from your Ad, they will open the order and escrow their crypto. You will then receive an email notification from OpenPeer that an order has been opened.
In OpenPeer, navigate to My Trades. Select the open order and view the seller's payment instructions. Make the payment to the seller and mark the trade as "Paid".
The seller will receive a notification that you have confirmed the order and paid. The seller will then confirm that payment has been received via their payment method, and release the escrowed crypto to your wallet.