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Posting a Buy Ad


1. Go to the Post Ad Page

Users can place a buy order by pressing the Post Ad button in the navigation menu of the application.

2. Connect to OpenPeer

Once on the page, they must connect their browser wallet to the application, verify themselves as the true account owners, and choose the type of ad they want to place. Here, we are selecting the Buy Order.

3. Specify the Trading Pair

Next, buyers need to specify the token and the fiat currency they wish to trade in. OpenPeer supports a whole host of fiat currencies, and we're adding more by the day!

4. Add Buy Order Details

After specifying the trading pair, buyers must mention the amount they are willing to buy along with the minimum and maximum fiat order limit.
They can further set the price margin by defining a percentage limit above/below the spot price at the time of trade, or the exact price they want to trade at.
Their buy order will only be shown to sellers who match their specified criteria.

5. Select your Payment Method

Select the payment method using which you will transfer fiat money to the seller. Then, add your order terms, and place your buy order!

6. Wait for Sellers to Respond

Your buy order ad will be visible to all sellers on OpenPeer. Once a seller is interested on fulfilling your buy order, you will be notified via an email notification. (This is why we recommend adding an email ID to your account, even though it is optional.)
You may respond to the email notification, and complete your buy order.
TODO link to the complete buy order page